About Us

"In the name of Allah, the most Compassionate, the most Merciful".

The Muslim Women's Association of Edinburgh was set up at the end of 2005 by a group of Muslim women who found a lack of social activities for Women and their families in Edinburgh.

This group is run entirely by volunteers, working with women and their families in Edinburgh and the Lothians to build a stronger community through education and social activities.

Meet our Committee



Our Trustees

Tasneem Ali

Zareen Taj        

Miriam Al Rasbi


The MWAE Committee

Hasna and Huda  - Joint Chairwomen

Zareen   - Secretary

Tasneem - Treasurer

Sandra - Monthly circle Co ordinator

Chiraz - support

Diline - support

Nazima - Outreach


MWAE sub Committee



Faiqa H








Our Group Leaders

Miriam - Little Muslims

Hasna and Sheren - Toddler group

Mubarrah and Huda - Teen girls Group

Asif - Teen boys

Saher - Baraka youth group

Rashad - Homework club

Sandra - Monthly sisters Talks

Sarra - Creche


Little Muslim Teachers and Volunteers

Farhana, Huda, Hasna, Miriam, Sheren, Aleena, Shereen, Zainab, Diline, Hanane, Inayah, Baya


Toddler Group Volunteers

Hasna and Sheren


Teen Girls volunteers

Khayrun, Mubarrah, Nazima, Huda, Neimah


Activate Teen boys volunteers

Asif, Jawaid, Rohmaan


Baraka Youth Group volunteers

Huda, Chiraz, Catherine, Saher


Homework Club volunteers

Rashad, Tasneem, Faical