Muslim Women's Association of Edinburgh

Scottish Charity number SC038346

What's On !!


MWAE Homework club starts in the library of Edinburgh Central Mosque

Every Tuesday from 6 till 8pm

For children from the age of 6 upwards who need help with English, Maths and the Sciences

To register please contact [email protected] or message 07878380044



Every Monday 20th September from 10.00 till 12.00 noon

in Exhibition room of Edinburgh Central Mosque


To register please contact [email protected] or message 07878380044 



Everyone is welcome to join the gardening club at Edinburgh Central Mosque.

We meet every Sunday from 2 till 4pm

Contact [email protected] or message  07878380044 for more info



Sisters circle once a month at Edinburgh Central Mosque

Meet sisters in a friendly environment, children welcome too

A different discussion each month

Tea, coffee and snacks provided.

Contact [email protected] or message 07878380044 

MWAE's weekend school where Islam is taught in a fun and interactive way, using arts and crafts to create a positive learning experience for children and bring Islam to life

We have a unique method of learning encompassing tradition methods with modern ones which have been tried and tested and proved successful in the wider education system.

For more information contact us [email protected]



 Faith in Family

Islamic advice on issues relating to the family.

Marriage, Divorce, relationship issues, parenting or religious advice.

For more information please visit


There's no better way to find peace than by connecting to nature.

Join MWAE's Community Garden at the Edinburgh Central Mosque.

All welcome

Contact [email protected] for more info







Data Protection

Please note
For all members who have given their contact details for the mailing list or as part of any of the mwae groups can be assured that we keep your data securely and never share it with a third party without your permission, mwae never use personal information for marketing and we always provide the option to unsubscribe by mailing [email protected] with unsubscribe in the subject line.

Who we are

This group is run entirely by volunteers, working with women and their families in Edinburgh.

Social Media?

Yes MWAE is on social media! Like our Facebook Page to recieve news about MWAE events, the Edinburgh community or other important issues.

Keep up to date

Keep up to date with MWAE news and activities, with the MWAE blog.

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Want to get in touch ?

Contact us on [email protected] for enquiries or to be added to the MWAE mailing list. If you'd like to call us we would love to hear from you 07480569192

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Giving back to the Community

MWAE takes pride in providing the local Edinburgh community with fun, educational and informative events. MWAE has put on many events from Eid celebrations to political demonstrations!


Thank you Volunteers

MWAE's volunteers, past and present, are instrumental in all it's activities, nothing could have been achieved without our wonderful team.

If you would like to volunteer with us please get in touch.



As well as the Toddler Group, Homework Club and Little Muslims, MWAE also has other Youth Groups available to young people.

Baraka Youth Group: A chance for young children aged 6 to 10 years to socialise and learn something new.     

From Scottish history to Syrian cuisine, from Arts and Crafts to Outings.

Sunshine Sisters: For teen girls aged 11 to 16 years old to play games, go on outings and discuss important issues relevant to them while in an Islamic environment.

Teen boys: A chance for boys to take part in sporty activities and make friends in a safe and fun environment.


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