Baraka Youth Group

Muslim Women's Association of Edinburgh run a youth group for 6 to 10 year old girls and boys.

The Baraka Youth Group runs once a month on a Sunday in the Exhibition Room of the Edinburgh Central Mosque.

Activities will include:

- Contributions from children about what they have been learning.
- Art activity
- Games
- Reading together.

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Woke up to a beautiful sunny day, the type of day where you wake up and instantly think of a picnic. Grab the picnic essentials along with some outdoor games for the kids and made our way to Holyrood park. Found parking and even before parking could see a group of ladies in various colors sitting near the palace. The kids had a lovely time, meeting with friends and instantly starting playing game and running about – Who can do the best cartwheel? Who can do the floss?

The sun beamed down and if anything it was too hot, although you didn’t say it in Scotland, knowing this was a rare event. The kids were trying to escape the heat with a huge umbrella and trying to get shade wherever they could. Two hours passed quickly with chatting, sharing food, having ice cream and slushies, playing football and other outdoor games, and being entertained by the numerous babies.
We went to the paddling pool by the Scottish Government and the kids had a lovely time cooling off by splashing in the water.

‘It was really hot and fun. I met lots of people’ (Yusra, 7)

‘I love the paddling and I fell into the water’ (Daniyal, 6