Muslim Women's Association of Edinburgh

Kids non contact boxing

Little Muslims weekend school - for more info contact

Past Events

Everyone is invited to the MWAE/MEND voting workshop on

Saturday 8th June from 6-8pm in Exhibition room of Edinburgh Central Mosque

Join us for an embroidery session and an iftar at Lauriston Mosque.

*For girls aged 10-13.*

Bring a dish to share! Full details in poster

59 Lauriston Place

Please register for the next badminton play session happening on 09/03Details on the poster

Marriage and cultural obstacles, a talk by Imam Fatih. With refreshments plus Q&A.

Baraka youth group -

click here to register


We are welcoming Ramadan, please register by emailing or text 07878380044

Boys badminton register here

Please note the next Social seekers gathering will be on 07/01/2023

Please register asap as there are limited spaces

Badminton session for sisters >16y on 03/12/23. For registration/enquiries send an email to:

Healing Through the Qur’an. We would like to invite you to an interactive session where you can explore psycho-social-spiritual tools from the Qur’an. The workshop will aim to give participants a guided understanding of ‘faith and spirituality’ as a means of empowerment and liberation from challenging experiences. 🧕🏼Speaker: Rahmah Salako, Founder and Director of Paradise Pearls.

⏰When: November 11th 2023, 11.30-1pm

📍Where: Iqra Academy, 10 E. Suffolk Rd, Edinburgh, EH16 5PH

This is a FREE event, please register here: Refreshments Provided ☕🫖🍪 For more information, contact or call on 07989 436 603 @sacred_bms @quranandme @mwa_edinburgh @ourwaqf

Please book here


A fun badminton session for all levels, for girls aged 10-19 on 30th September. Full details and registration details in poster above

Sisters book club

Story of Prophet Yusuf AS by Junaid Islam

Assalamu Alaikum everyone, Insha'Allah you had a good holiday. Here is this months activity, if you'd like to join us please email . Hoping to see you all there insha'Allah

Mosaic workshop for adults


Please note Women's kickboxing has been postponed till June/July. Keep an eye out for updates

Baraka youth group has a special session where Br Mourad will introduce the kids to beautiful mosaic and calligraphy. please register here

Join us for a relaxing picnic in the Meadows.

Fayme for girls aged 10 to 13 years are going on an exciting outing to Dynamic Earth. Please register by emailing

MWAE invites all those looking for a marriage partner to a talk/discussion with Q&A. Check Mwae singles here

Boys between 10 and 13 years of age are invited to join us for a game of football, Please register her

Mwae monthly circle invite you to join us for a picnic and a talk to beuatify our hearts

Boys from 10 to 13 years of age are invited to a BBQ on 6th May at Harrison Park.

Dads welcome to register too

Any questions please contact Jubaer 07917975697

Help support needy families in Edinburgh with a date tin

Join us this Saturday with Life Coach Kousar Javaid for a free workshop on Self-Esteem
 A great opportunity to help work on our inner peace InSha Allah
What’s more the Barakah youth group will be held at the same place and time so kids 5+ can attend whilst you attend the workshop.

Girls aged 10 to 13 are invited to join the Fayme girls for lunch at 10 to 10 Deli.

Sisters Social - Please note the group has on hold due to heating issues at the mosque. For more info please contact MWAE 07878380044 or

Abuse happens in all communities. Sacred will be presenting their research on the causes, recieving help and ways stop the harm .

Girls aged 10 to 12 years are invited to the next Fayme session on 8th January at Iqra Academy

Boxing skills for girls aged 10 upwards register at For more info email

Join us for the next Barakah group on 28th December, please register here

All girls aged 10 to 12 are welcome to join us for our next session on ‘Identity’. Saturday 17th December. Register at


Dynamic Earth for boys - register here

Join us for our Fayme picnic.

Kids aged 6 to 10 year olds welcome to join the Baraka Youth group - click here to register- Kids islamic books for sale at this session

Boys aged 10 to 13 welcome to join the Arthur's seat hike. Click here to register

Mwae invites you to our next marriage event, a talk on what an Islamic marriage looks like.

Join us on 25th February at Dar Al Arqam from 7 to 9pm.

Kickboxing for sisters

Barakah Youth Group on 4th March.

Join us for barakah youth group this Saturday. To register click

For boys from 10 upwards, please register at
For more info contact

Social seekers are eating out at Nando's - want to join them?? more info on poster

All are invited to the MWAE AGM, bring a snack to share.

Baraka Youth group for kids aged 6 t0 10 years of age. Fun, activities and discussion in a safe environment.

Join us for the monthly circle with a special session for children to enjoy activities relating to the Prophet Isa AS

At this month's Fayme session we will be making Ramadan arts and crafts

Come along to prepare for Ramadan

Non Contact boxing skills for girls and boys aged 7 upwards.

Every Saturday from 12 to 1.30 at Iqra Academy.

Assalaam alaikum dear all please register below for the next youth group session where we will be discussing Maryam (RA) and Isa (AS) along with activities InSha Allah Register at


There will be a bake sale this Friday at the Central Mosque after Jumma prayers InSha Allah. Please help our brothers and sisters in Turkey and Syria by donating bakes and buying from the stall... If anyone can help on the day, please contact or text 07878380044



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Who we are

This group is run entirely by volunteers, working with women and their families in Edinburgh.

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Yes MWAE is on social media! Like our Facebook Page to recieve news about MWAE events, the Edinburgh community or other important issues.

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Contact us on for enquiries or to be added to the MWAE mailing list. If you'd like to call us we would love to hear from you 07878380044

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Giving back to the Community

MWAE takes pride in providing the local Edinburgh community with fun, educational and informative events. MWAE has put on many events from Eid celebrations to political demonstrations!


Thank you Volunteers

MWAE's volunteers, past and present, are instrumental in all it's activities, nothing could have been achieved without our wonderful team.

If you would like to volunteer with us please get in touch.